Our Cheeses



Our Cheddar is made by hand using time-honored traditional methods. This creates a hard, very creamy, cheese that is great mild or aged.




  • Katahdin Cheddar – a sharp cheddar
  • Penobscot Cheddar – a mild/medium cheddar (Bronze medal winner – 2008 and 2010 Big E Cheese Competition),
  • Cheddar Cheese Curd
  • Occasionally, we also have an extra sharp Cheddar


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Our version of the classic Monterey Jack cheese. This moderately firm cheese is mild and creamy. Below you’ll find our collection of plain and herb/spice inspired jack cheeses.


  • Aroostook Jack – our plain jack (Bronze medal winner – 2010 and 2011 Big E Cheese Competition)
  • Casco Bay Garlic
  • Kennebec Dill (Bronze medal winner – 2008 and 2010 Big E Cheese Competition)
  • Saint Croix Black Pepper
  • Saco Jalapeno
  • Port City Pesto (Silver medal winner – 2011 Big E Cheese Competition)
  • Roaring Brook Sage
  • Old Orchard Black Olive (Bronze medal winner – 2011 Big E Cheese Competition).
  • Teel Cove Chive and Tarragon


A bar of Caerphilly cheese.

Mt. Kineo Caerphilly is based on the traditional Welsh cheese. It has a moist, slightly crumbly texture, creamy flavor with a hint of tanginess at the finish.


Glen Cove Gouda is our flavorful version of this famous Dutch cheese. We make this deliciously creamy cheese in small batches.


Mozzarella cheese on a plate, wrapped in plastic wrap.

Mount Battie Mozzarella is a direct acidified version of the popular Italian cheese.


Downeast Derby is our popular “pizza” cheese. It is our variation of traditional English Derby with a deeper flavor and excellent melting properties.


Cocoa Rubbed Dry Jack on a blue plate.

Our Cocoa-Rubbed Dry Jack is inspired by the famous cheese from Vella Cheese Company. We also have a Dry Jack with bacon.