Making Quick Mozzarella At Home

Have you ever wanted to make cheese at home? We have a quick and easy recipe for quick mozzarella that will take less than an hour to make.

You can download our recipe here.

This recipe is our variation on an older recipe from Ricki Carroll for 30 minute mozzarella.

The citric acid and rennet tablets are available at our retail store as well as complete mozzarella kits.

Here are a couple of tips from our cheesemaker:

  • If the curd doesn’t form before the milk reaches 100F just remove from the heat and keep stirring slowly, sometimes it just takes a little longer to separate
  • The 15 minute rest time can vary depending on how long it takes for the curd to clump together.
  • When heating the curd in the microwave, don’t heat for more than 30 seconds at a time – it may even be less depending on your microwave
  • The salt is optional. If you would like it unsalted that is fine.
  • Have fun! Try molding the mozzarella while it’s still warm into different shapes.